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Dive Shop

If you enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling or just swimming! you will probably come to a point where you want to own your own gear, rather than having to hire it from different scuba store all the time. So an excellent option is to visit Ecotours, your local diving shop in Puerto Vallarta.

Ecotours as the local famous dive shop offer you some benefits:

  • You can check the quality of the gear you are considering to get.
  • You can try everything on before purchasing it.
  • You can receive discounts on your purchases.
  • Warranty on products.
  • Also we offer a variety of brands, like: Scubapro, Cressi-sub, Speedo, Finis, Mares, McNett, Sea Life, Scuba Sports, Scuba Supreme, UK, Water Toys, and much more!

Available in our store or add them when you purchase your tour tickets online.

Snorkel Mask

ScubaPro Snorkel

Swim Fins