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Ecotours de Mexico,  Nature adventure  company, offer tours from 1 day up to one week, designed for school groups intensely committed with the preservation of our planet. The Ecotours programs and activities are run based on the premise that you can’t love that which you don’t know, and we truly hope that after traveling with us you’ll definitely share in our knowledge and our love for nature. We operate tours and expeditions based on the requirements of your school, satisfying their needs from adventure to learning, at the same time that support the conservation of natural resources, research projects and local communities. Our school programs are, Turtle Camp, Snorkeling & Kayaking tour, Whale Watching, Hiking, etc. You can choose the tour that you prefer or combine them. You can also decide the length of tours and activities that are included, leaving the rest in our hands and get ready to explore!

Why do a school tour group?

The practice of any group activity outside the classroom is an excellent opportunity to experience and complement the teaching in classes. Essentially, in terms of what this educational practice is in harmony, creating openness, knowledge, search, simplicity, new horizons and great desire to “be yourself with others.” The outdoor education is done through direct experiences that engage all the senses in touch with nature. Furthermore it is a powerful tool for education, since it is based in fellowship, respect and enjoyment of learning and play.

What is Ecotours offer you?

We have sufficient experience to offer unique and different routes to the rest of the other options because we are a company tour operator based in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, at the same time give you everything you need for your pleasant, safe and proper execution. * Kinder Garden & Elementary School

* Middle School & High School 

* Collage

Among the schools that have been chosen Ecotours, are the following: Colegio Patria Sea Turtle camp & cocodrile adventure Colegio Madrid Hiking, Sea Kayak & Snorkel the Nature Coast, Eco wild Dolphin, The Marietas Islands Snorkeling Panamericano Whale Watching Instituto Tlalpan Whale Watching Instituto Técnico y Cultura Whale Watching Colegio Americano (ASFG) San Sebastián del Oeste, Horse Back Riding, Hiking, Sea Kayak & Snorkel the Nature Coast Universidad Mesoamericana Plantel SLP Eco wild Dolphin & Delfinoterapia Colegio Vancouver Sea Turtle camp & cocodrilo adventure

In order to provide excellent quality in all our tours we offer:

  • PROFESIONAL ATTENTION biologists guides and naturalists 100% bilingual.
  • PROPER PLACES which include all the measures envisaged to undertake different activities.
  • TRANSPORTATION with all existing standards and a/c
  • COMMUNICATION SYSTEM we have cel phones availables if needed, so you can communicate immediately.

Among the benefits offered by our school programs are:

  • Direct contact with nature
  • Awareness of your senses
  • Training in environmental education
  • Enrichment and reinforcement of attitudes of leadership
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Learning by playing
  • Valuing our family (house, room, bed, food)
  • Development of physical and mental abilities
  • Discovery our personal abilities

Appropriate activities for all participants

Our activity programs are tailored to groups of different ages and experience, to meet a wide range of interests, abilities and learning levels. With all this, you can enjoy our tours to the fullest. There are special activities and approaches depending on the age of the participants, childrens, teenagers or adults.

Among the Ecological activities that we do in tours are:

Environmental education, Garbage, Questions & answers, Identification of Species, Photo identification program, such as identifying the whales, Nature’s strategy, Ecology… If you want to be part of these adventures, contact us at our mail that appears below and we gladly send you details. &

Remember that we must all help in the preservation of our planet and we can not love something that we don’t know.