Nature Encounter and Sea Turtle Camp

A conservation Adventure with the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle on Puerto Vallarta coast.

The area of Banderas Bay boasts incredible biodiversity, due to variations in ecosystems and habitats. Our adventure provides the opportunity to support the ongoing work of a dedicated team of Mexican biologists in two different conservation projects. First we set off for an Urban Estuary called El Salado, where you will be able to observe mangrove and birds, also the ever-elusive American Crocodile hatchling in the nursery, then we continue to see a sea turtle conservation video; afterward we relocate to a beach to release Olive Ridley Turtle hatchlings.


  • 3:30 pm – Ecotours office in Marina Vallarta (Proa loc. 20)
  • 7:00 pm – End of the adventure in Marina office

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Nature Encounter and Sea Turtle Camp

Adults +12 years    Kids 4-11 years  (under 4 free charge)
$55 USD                $45 USD
$49.50 USD           $40.50 USD


July 31 to December 15 (Subject to Availability)

Available days:



•Visit the nursery of American crocodile at
El Salado estuary
• Sea turtle lecture and Video
• Visit to the sea turtle nursery
• Release the hatchling to the ocean
• Sea turtle release Certificate
• Small groups and personal attention
•Donative to sea turtle camp program


• Ground transportation in A/C vans
• Sodas, bottle water, juice, granola bars.

What to Bring:

Comfortable clothes, sneakers, raincoat, insect repellent and camera.