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Birdwatching Western Mexico

6 Days / 5 nights trip
Minimum 4 persons

The western Mexico offers a great diversity of habitats and wildlife. On this trip you’ll be able to visit mangroves, coastal lagoons, pine and oak forests on the Sierra Madre, low and medium semideciduos jungles, beaches. The variety of habitats is so great that you can find up to 455 different species of birds and 30 Mexican endemics, among them the famous Military Macaw, the Orange-fronted Parakeet, the Citreoline Trogons, Magpie Jays, Jacanas, Warblers, Acorn woodpeckers, San Blas Jays, Russet-crowned motmot, Herons & Egrets, Blue-Footed Boobies, Brown Boobies and Magnificent Frigate birds, just to mention a few.


  • Day 1 – Meet at Puerto Vallarta Air port transfer to Rancho primavera, after noon birding in Rancho Primavera (D)
  • Day 2 – Morning birding birding thru a semideciduos tropical forest, visit the botanical gardens, birding around Rancho Primavera, (B,L,D)
  • Day 3 – Travel to Cajon de Peñas dam, for birding around the lake. Back to Rancho Primavera. (B,L,D)
  • Day 4 – Drive to San Blas . Afternoon Boat trip to La Tovara mangroves (inland). This is an excellent area to take photographs of wadding birds: Bare-throated Tiger-Herons, Boat-Billed Herons, Muskovy, Black Bellied and Fluvous Whistling- Ducks; some raptors such as Crane Hawk and Laughing Falcon; Mangroove Cuckoo, Mangroove Vireo and Mangroove Warbler. Overnight in San Blas. (B,L,D)
  • Day 5 – Morning birding at La Bajada road, this is a coffee growing area at 200 m elevation. The tall trees host a wide variety of mexican specialities: Crested Quan, Ruddy Quail-Dove, Colima Pigmy-Owl, Mexican Hermit, Mexican Woodnynph, Gray Crowned Woodpecker, Brown-backed Solitaire, Rusty-crowned Ground-Sparrow, Yellow Grosbeak and Red-Crowned Ant Tanager. Overnight in San Blas. (B,L,D)
  • Day 6 – Back to Puerto Vallarta, international air port. (B)

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NOTE: We can also modify our itinerary according to your needs.

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All Year Long


Las Juntas y los Veranos, Rancho Primavera, Cajón de Peñas, El Tuito and San Blas.


• Binoculars & telescope and checklist
• Visit Cajon de Peñas dam
• Visit San Blas, the world capital wetland birds
• Motorboat trip in La Tovara Sanctuary
• Visit a crocodile farm


Bring your camera!